Tess Needham

Actor & Voiceover Artist

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Hi, I’m Tess! I’m a versatile actor with a diverse range of voices.

Offbeat, quirky characters are my specialty, but I enjoy performing any role in animation, video games, narration, commercials, and more.

Shortlist Talent Agency (SF Bay Area)
Impressive Talent (Washington, DC)

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About Me

I thrive on being creative. Whether through acting, music, painting, drawing, photography, or writing, I’m passionate about making stories and concepts come to life through the creative arts. I grew up in Sydney, Australia, and have also lived in the San Francisco Bay Area–in both places, I love cycling, hiking, and being near the water.


  • Voice Acting training with David Rosenthal, Elaine Clark, and Sally Clawson
  • PhD in Performing Art: University of Western Sydney, NSW, Australia
  • Bachelor of Performance, Theory & Practice (Honours), Majoring in Theatremaking: University of Western Sydney, NSW, Australia
  • Bachelor of Arts (Theatre Theory and Practice) with Distinction: University of Western Sydney, NSW, Australia


  • All My Sons: Theatre. Actor
  • Lethal Tide: Audiobook. Narrator.
  • Nighttime #3: Lost in the Stars: Theatre. Writer and performer.
  • Miss Qualifiedshort film submitted for Tropfest, 2007. Writer and performer.
  • BodilyTheatre. Writer and performer.
  • Awaiting GravityTheatre. Writer and performer.
  • Because I Was Afraid: Theatre. Writer and performer.
  • Relationship Monologues: Theatre. Writer and performer.
  • Waterworks, Sydney Olympic Park Australia Day Celebrations: Site-specific performance. Writer and performer.
  • Blacktown Festival: Site-specific performance. Writer and performer.